I wrote this as a comment on another blog, but then thought, why not fill some space here on Domani Dave?

Stephen and I had Thanksgiving lunch with friends in Atlanta, and since repetition becomes ‘tradition’, this has become a wonderful one.  All attendees were as, or almost as, decrepit as we, with the exception this year of the addition of a young man from India.

Normally, I say this alleged ‘tonic’ of mixing with the younger is a hoax, since the gap of experiences and references just becomes frustrating.  This bright and charming young man, however, seemed genuinely delighted to be there, and interesting conversation was nonstop.

After Stephen and I got home, assessing the day as couples do, we placed this young man in a category we like to call ‘I’d just like to bounce him on my knee’.  Relating this category to someone once, I inadvertently replaced ‘knee’ with ‘lap’.

That’s an entirely different category.