Martin L called day before yesterday to ‘check up on me’ post-birthday, and at some demi-lull in the conversation asked with a little earnestness in his voice: ‘How do you feel about being 70?’

‘The Sands of Time’?  I replied that any meditation on that had been so tainted by the Trump disaster that I didn’t really have an answer.

This morning Will W sent me this lengthy psychoanalytical piece on the new President.  George S had stated it somewhat (!) more succinctly several months ago in a phone conversation: ‘He’s a damaged child’.

Does any of this insight and understanding do us any good?  Now?


Well.  In an attempt to balance the previous angst, I offer the above [click the picture] which I hope does not fall into the ‘puppies & kittens online’ category.  And, before someone says it, yes, I know that’s a bear.

Stephen ran across this last evening and passed it along to me, knowing how much I love to watch ‘the mature’ dancing.  The ‘bio’ reveals that he’s 50, gay, and had several nifty careers in NYC before becoming a ‘farmer’.

Old MacDonald blossoms?  Uh, no.  Club time.

If that sounds snarky, it’s because he’s stolen all my moves.  Well, some of them…