I think my aura has been depleted.

So.  I’ve decided to do something about trying to resuscitate it — infuse some magic, in a kind of shamanistic manner — and I think the first thing to do is turn my name into a palindrome.

I’m almost positive this is a really good first step.

One of the vowels needs to replace the other one in order to bring this about: ‘Davad’ or ‘Divid’.  Or, maybe replace both vowels: ‘Deved’, ‘Dovod’, or ‘Duvud’.

‘Deved’ works pretty well, but ‘Dovod’ and especially ‘Duvud’ are no-go’s.

However, there’s also ‘and sometimes Y’ in the A-E-I-O-U mix.

‘Dyvyd’!  Now that’s magic.  I’ll keep you posted.