I frankly don’t know how other bloggers can routinely churn out posts while otherwise apparently having full lives.  This photographic project I’ve waxed on about for the past two posts continues to wipe me out, no energy for the blogging give and take.

How nice to have one of those bloggers write a post for me [click] on the subject of the loathsome experience of buying a new car!

Three or so weeks ago, the subject of buying a new car was not even on the radar, then without warning a bee got into Stephen’s bonnet and ‘suddenly’ I was signing the papers last week on a brand new ‘Ioniq’, Hyundai’s entrance into the Toyota ‘Prius’ market.  Far prettier, see for yourself:

Click to enlarge

Googling for the above picture, I got directed to the ‘Wiki’ article on the car, which includes the following sentence: The nameplate Ioniq is a portmanteau for ‘ion’ and ‘unique’.

Until today, I had never encountered the word ‘portmanteau’, but spellchecker knew it.

Spellchecker making a person feel illiterate?  That’s just wrong.