Tab Hunter is 86 years old today.

Somewhere around the house, I have a ’45’ of his Dot Records hit ‘Young Love’, which was released January 19th, 1957 (the day before my own 10th birthday) and stayed at #1 on the Billboard chart for 6 weeks.

Somewhere around the house, I have an original ‘Odorama’ card from the John Waters film ‘Polyester’, starring Tab Hunter and Divine.

These are bits of information you had no idea you would acquire today.

Just a guess.

This museum project I’ve been working on is… still going on.  I’m headed to the museum after I post this.  My enthusiasm, etc, etc has diminished somewhat.  (Imagine that.)  HowEVER, the other week I did get a lovely citation and a lovely bottle of Prosecco.

I hope Tab gets a lovely bottle of Prosecco today.  Actually, we can share mine.