I posted this Edward Gorey yuletide tableau before, long ago on Domani Dave.

The image originally appeared on the cover of an issue of National Lampoon of all places, and to the best of my knowledge never resurfaced, not even in any of the Gorey compendiums.  I’m sorry: ‘compendia’.  We are, after all, talking about Edward Gorey.

As I’ve pointed out a number of times before, I will steal anything.  If I’ve used ‘the Works of Goethe bound in blue Levant morocco’ once, I’ve used it a hundred times over the years in answer to what I want for Christmas.

A sable pelisse would also not be bad, but if you are casting about for something to send me, I already have an automaton that sings ‘Dal dolor cotanto oppresso’.

Happy Holidays, my dears!  We all deserve s o m e thing happy after this year.

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