Tomorrow I go into the hospital for a procedure called ‘cardiac ablation’.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I feel not just a little peculiar announcing this here on the blog, but there it is.  You can read about it, or not, with the link attached to the term here.  Even though I certainly know what’s about to take place, I myself have kept a safe distance from the nuts and bolts outlined in such an article in order not to induce panic.  That seems sensible, am I right?

So, instead, let’s listen to Stacey Kent and her piano accompanist David Newton, both of whom I’m crazy about.  The little keyboard trills on this track, so nice.

Also on this record is My Heart Stood Still, much more upbeat than Easy to Remember, but let’s face it, a little tacky to consider including at this juncture…

(I’ll save that one for the day after tomorrow.)