Let me say preemptively that I wish that I could play the piano at a level even approaching ‘pedestrian’.

The other day I was looking online for the cover of Chris Isaak’s signature song ‘Wicked Game’ being used in the television ad for Alpha Romeo.  The song itself is intoxicating and voluptuous and sumptuous and all those other ‘–tuous’ words, so the ad agency couldn’t have made a better choice.

What I ran across in the process of my search was this version by Marie Digby.  Though her keyboarding is a trifle pedestrian, her vocal performance is gorgeous and haunting.  (I wonder if my impression of her accompanying herself isn’t due more to the fact that miking the piano is essentially impossible, according to a couple of sound engineers I’ve talked to.)

I think I’m just going to start posting songs on Domani Dave.

It’s SO much easier than writing.