Went online this morning to discover who designed the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon, now flying over London.  Graphic designer Matt Bonner.

From the standpoint of a straightforward caricature, this thing is phenomenal.  But then, with the refinement of adding the ‘trademark’ tiny hands and the pale tanning bed goggle circles around the eyes, it achieves perfection.

Generally when we sit down for breakfast or lunch, I’ll flip on the television and say ‘Let’s watch some bad news!’  This morning, we got the opposite.

Watching the London protests, I started to tear up.  Why this particular spectacle has given me hope when other protests have not, I cannot say.

Only one thing spoils my delight over the UK’s reaction to Trump’s visit.

Though from the perspective of protocol, apparently the Palace is doing the very minimum, still the idea of the deranged white trash and his mail-order bride even touching Her Majesty’s hand makes my skin crawl.