Seems if I’m not mentioning Martin L here on DD, I’m mentioning Franklin A.

Franklin is as lovely and centered and bright a person as you’d ever want to know.  He is also very wicked.

Recently, he sent a link to a video, summarizing with only the three words ‘bittersweet and poignant’ in the email.  The video begins:

‘In Toronto, Canada, in a little room above a beauty parlor, a woman dies.’

I replied:

My Very Dear Franklin –

Merci for this, which I watched before slumber last nuit.  The piece brought back to me images of my own charmed childhood of wealth and privilege, but also the likelihood if not the inevitability that I myself will die alone in a room above a beauty shop.

– David H, the 63rd Earl of Shrewsbury

[BTW, ‘spellchecker’ wanted to substitute ‘wrath’ for ‘wealth’ in the above.]

–     –     –     –     –     –

He replied that his hopes were that all our eventual rooms above a beauty shop were at the very least ‘well-appointed and air-conditioned’.

That cannot be asking too much.