Well before our trip to Mexico City last week, we had booked a tour of ‘Casa Luis Barragán’, the private home of architect and engineer Luis Barragán, who died in 1988.  The tours are very small, and we had to choose a Spanish language one, because the English language ones on the days we would be in Mexico City had already been filled.  Our guide spoke English from time to time as a courtesy.

The previous two photographs are stolen from the Wikipedia article on Luis Barragán.  Notice the void underneath the stairs in the second one.  I shot the following picture of our tour guide explaining Barragán’s play with colored light throughout the house, in this case created with a yellow glass door at the top of the stairway to the terrace.  (All photos clickable…)

In our world of hyperbole, I would say it’s risky to use the word ‘transcendent’, but there it is in the first sentence on the casaluisbarragan.org website.  At this point, I leave it to you to investigate Luis Barragán, or not.

By the way, while we were in Mexico, we availed ourselves of some ‘procedures’ not medically permitted in the States, including one favored by the late Marlene Dietrich, lamb placenta injections.  There was a problem matching our current passport pictures during our return home, but I think it was worth it.