Do you remember the old Blogspot blog Lazy Circles?  I say ‘old’ because the current iteration is about computers and cars, and written in Indonesian, for heaven’s sake.  The old blog was hosted by a gay attorney from Texas — lots of showbiz posts — and when he announced that out of some necessity he was shuttering Lazy Circles, my reaction was ‘You can’t do that!’

It started to occur to me a couple of months ago, that it was probably time to consider shuttering Domani Dave.  Though I’ve made a wonderful handful of connections over these nine years, at this point I feel more than a bit like a looney just talking to himself.  That’s not supposed to sound boo-hooey.

Wandering though my WordPress ‘Media Library’, which still contains the entire trove of pictures I have attached to posts since 2009, I’ve hit upon the idea to post some of those during my anniversary month of October, just for the hell of it.  I think that will be fun, but I’ve been wrong before.

By the way, the rest of the title of this post is …δεν θα πάνε ποτέ τέλεια.  It translates:

If things don’t go perfectly from the outset, they will never go perfectly.

I like this sentence partly because it’s a tiny Greek language lesson in itself, but mostly because it’s s’darn bleak;-)