I am inspired, to post these two pictures, by two recent posts by my e-friends Laurent and William (name-drops #1 and #2).

The first picture is of our splendid departed Margo having a stretch after a nap on one of a pair of Robsjohn-Gibbings, which we bought at the estate sale of interior designer Harold Westcott.  (Name-drop #’s 3, 4, and 5).

The second picture is a scan of a page out of a theatre program autographed by Miss Ethel Merman (name-drop #6) who was appearing in summer stock in Atlanta when I was fourteen.  When she emerged after the performance, she was wearing  a full-length mink coat.  Did I mention this was Summer

She began the autograph, and when the pencil tip broke, without missing a beat, snatched up a nearby pen to finish, resulting in a two-tone signature.

When I told RuPaul (name-drop #7) who was living in Atlanta at the time, about the Merman souvenir, nothing would do but his autographing in two colors his self-promotional pamphlet whose title cannot be printed here.

I’m hoping you have a short memory, as this Merman-RuPaul story is a Domani Dave repeat, but now with a facsimile of the Merman artifact.  The photo of Margo was recently sent to us by our photographer friend Martin.

So, why doesn’t Martin get #8 on the name-drop list?  Not famous enough.

(Images clickable)