Growing up in ‘the South’, I was exposed to many… mmm… ‘colorful’ expressions.  The expression used in the title is oddly enough not one of them.  I picked up this one from my friend George S, a native of the state of Maryland.

Of course, my friend Bill P of New Paltz NY would argue that Maryland belongs ganged with Georgia under the heading ‘the South’, but that would just be his being very ‘Northern’.  I steadfastly refuse to use the term ‘Yankee’, though Bill P did once call me ‘Rebel scum’, which was fundamentally, let’s agree, ungenerous.

I’ve not once in my lifetime been led to believe that snakes might actually have penises, consequently I have never researched the matter.  If snakes are in fact lucky enough to have them, I’m going to stick with guessing they are crooked.  What about you?

Give it some thought and get back to me.