As I’ve said before (that could cover a lot of territory), I find it a bit unseemly to parade one’s ailments on a blog.  That said (again), it appears I’ve amassed a small collection of just such posts, most recently one in January.

This post, I’m pulling out all the stops.  Well, not a l l of them.

Almost four weeks ago, I had cataract surgery on my right eye.  (Surgery on the left eye TBD.)  Everyone I know who has had this procedure has said it’s a piece of cake, results like Dorothy stepping from her dreary Kansas house into Oz.

 This has not been my experience.

I apparently have something called posterior capsule opacification, allegedly a common post-cataractectomy situation.  In early May I will endure a procedure to correct this — also characterized as a piece of cake.

I’ve heard ‘piece of cake’ before.

Cataracts and posterior capsule opacification become annoying and ultimately debilitating with light sources within one’s field of vision.  Everything becomes indistinct, with a haze around it, rather like closeups of Lucille Ball in ‘Mame’ (hopefully you don’t know what I’m talking about with that example…).

As Marshall McLuhan pointed out, staring at a TV screen is fundamentally staring into a lightbulb.  For months I’ve been essentially unable to read anything on the web, and have composed a handful of posts on Domani Dave in a word processor with the text size turned up to ‘real big’, like your Large Print Editions of books.

Poor Dave