Our friend Tom O used to introduce his beau as his ‘lover’.  Too in-your-face?

Situationally, today I use ‘partner’ or ‘spouse’ or ‘husband’ referring to Stephen.  ‘Partner’ in uncertain territory, ‘spouse’ when legal union wants to be stated but I sense ‘husband’ may pack the same punch as ‘lover’.

To simplify, since there is ever the possibility I may misjudge my audience in an introductions setting, I’m thinking after 42 years I may revert to roommate’.

What do you think?  Let’s give this a try.

Today, my roommate Stephen gave me a new bird by our artist friend Tex C, to celebrate my all-signs-pointing-to successful second eye surgery yesterday.

Of course, this is one of those gifts you give to your companion when it’s really a gift for yourself.  Feign to deny…

Please enjoy.