We have come to understand that our president here in the USA fancies large military displays in the manner of those of his friend Kim Jong-il.  Many wish he could vanquish his insecurities else-wise, but if ‘Air Force One’ won’t do it, well…

For ceremonies planned for the 4th of July celebration tomorrow in Washington DC, apparently Mr. Trump requested tanks.  Big asphalt-chewing tanks.  I have not been following whether he got them, or not.

But! In the spirit of military displays, I offer here on Domani Dave, a photo of my/our friend of 40-something years, Bruce G, who retired from the Marine Corp after serving for 30+ years.

This picture appeared on the back of the bulletin accompanying his retirement ceremony.

We brought blackberries back from a short trip to North Carolina last week, and half of them were still languishing in the refrigerator today, so to rescue them from fruit oblivion, I started a pie.  At some point, Stephen took over, which meant doodads and crispy sugar highlights.

Now, which of the two photos is your favorite?

I will think very poorly of you for answering ‘pie’.