Since nothing seems to be lifting me from the doldrums brought on by the abject insanity of these last three years, I have decided to take a radical departure from my life heretofore.

I plan to explore my fairie nature this year.  Not ‘fairy’, already done, rather the Fairie one.

First order of business is to assign myself a woodland sprite name:

I have chosen ‘Thistle Fawn’.

I recently ran all this past a few friends, including the idea of referring to myself in the third person: ‘Thistle Fawn loves the flowers of the meadow’ and ‘Thistle Fawn doesn’t like loud noises’, etc.

Rather than supporting me in this endeavor, they find the root idea unsettling, and the third person aspect even more so.

Stephen has decided to humor Thistle in the short run, but will unhelpfully, I believe, mis-address Thistle as ‘Thimble Thong’.

Thistle Fawn’s inner peace and seraphical calm prevent him from taking offense…