With one exception, magazine subscriptions have died off in our household.

While we have succumbed to ‘consuming’ other periodicals digitally, in the single case that simply will not do.  For one thing, the paper stock Metropolis is printed on is very supple, which makes leafing through it a pleasure.  And frankly, I think any little ‘fetish’ thought you may be ascribing is just beneath you…

Honestly?  The ‘ivory tower’ aspect of some of the content occasionally gives me the pip, but the design and layout are really impeccable.

Like a number of other magazines, a kind of after dinner mint appears on the very last page of each issue, in this case called ‘Noteworthy’.  The illustration caught my eye and the idea/info is interesting, yes?  Click to read.

As to the matter of ‘mate choice’ mentioned in this piece, my hubby’s ability to just snatch up a scrap of paper and sketch something fully realized was a ‘fitness indicator’ for me all those years ago.

Here is a note I copied before it left the house attached to cookies bound for a neighbor, and a quick doodle for something he was working on about ‘tooting your own horn’.  Click to enlarge.