Our house is situated on a maybe too public corner, with essentially a glorified courtyard in the front.  There is a point: what’s visible on the house is viewable from the sidewalk.

Our friend Pete L made a fairly extensive run of ‘non-traditional’ political yard signs.  For security, we flipped our copy, bending that poke-in-the-ground wire part into hooks, and suspended it on the street-facing trellis attached to the porch.

It would take a committed sign stealer to trespass to snatch it.

Our ‘traditional’ Biden/Harris sign is suspended similarly, but in a more-readily, yet still not-easily snatchable spot.  An attempt was made last evening, but craftily-fortified, the sign prevailed.

Our friend Roger B sent us this photo.  This sign would last about three minutes in our neighborhood.  Come to think of it, I might just go snatch it myself for a keepsake…