My most valued friend George S texted this the other day.  [click]

I replied with this photo and a hastily written description.

My contribution to ‘Cavalcade of the Tragic’.
Someone told Stephen of this massive cemetery in Gainesville GA which wants to rival Whispering Glades from ‘The Loved One’, and naturally we drove to see it. Whereas there are sprawling lawns of conventional low profile metal markers, there is also a vast section that gives the place its theme park reputation. I think you can zoom around in this photo, which will give you the opportunity to suss the structure’s function before I tell you. This is on the edge of a man-made ‘lake’, envisioned I want to guess having swans gliding peacefully across its ‘glasslike’ surface. Those swans can be seen on the left, squatting on a rock bridge to a little shed refuge, a hearse and limousine off in the distance. To the right is a vast mausoleum, cheaply built and from casual observation, haphazardly maintained. Beyond it, the Park of American Presidents, really bad statuary of every last one of them. Ashes can be interred at the foot of your fave, only JFK is so honored with remains. The structure pictured, rotting away, with the cardboard casting tube of one of the concrete support pilings hanging limp in the water. The staging area of this gazebo is festooned with cobwebs and leaves, and has an alter-ish thing which, as you can see, resembles a state park trash can, which is essentially what it is. No surprise at this point: one is invited to dump the departed’s ashes into the Lake of Eternal Grace (my name…) through the portal below the angel statuary there. The small plaques (I’ve seen better on lockers) glued onto the whatever, bear evidence that only a half-handful of families went for this.
Dignity, Rest In Peace.

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I forwarded this exchange to another most valued friend Will W, a very talented photographer, who gently put me in my place by pointing out that I had favored the narrative and completely bypassed the artistry of the  photographs in Orlando FL.  (It should be noted that he has made a career of photographing exactly these kinds of tableaux.)

Point taken.  Of my burial-at-sea pavilion photo, George S replied:

David, my initial reaction to this image and your finely crafted description was to move it immediately into my “keeper” files, but I did not.;-)

Point taken.