I myself have not, to the best of my knowledge, danced with anyone who’s danced with any of the Princes of Wales. However, in 1977, I did in point of fact glance with the one just vacating that title.

During the President Jimmy Carter administration, the present Charles III paid a visit here, attending a University of Georgia football game (only part of it, actually, probably for the best, 33-0 defeat).

Stephen and I, just coupled that year, decided: Why pass up a chance to lay eyes on the future Charles R? We hied ourselves to the stadium just in time to see his motorcade arrive.

At a distance, we were able to watch the Prince disembark his limo and proceed across the playing field to meet the football coach and sundry. Midfield, however, he broke briefly from his small entourage to – and I’m not making this up – chat up one of the baton-toting drum majorettes standing there in their one-piece sequined outfits.

Eventually returning to the limo to be whisked to the safety of a stadium skybox, security guards trotting at each corner, the vehicle passed so slowly by me at a mere three feet away, HRH’s eyes and mine met, and I received a personal wave.

I was the only person standing at that spot, so…

Later, I imagined the phone call from our drum majorette to her mother saying get those wedding invitations ready.  Based on just a glance and a wave, I left my own mother un-phoned.