Do you know the expression ‘Fuck me!’ ?  (The aggravated frustration one, not the penetration one.)

No?  Yesterday I watched the entire final press conference of President Barack Obama, the grace and intelligence of the man abundant throughout.  Picturing the Nattering Imbecile-elect in this setting, I said ‘Fuck me’, but not very loud.

Please recall that last month I wrote that I was not going to let this blog turn into ‘one of those’, so in accordance, I’m going to use as my model the Melina Mercouri character ‘Ilya’, a prostitute working the port city of Piraeus in the movie ‘Never on Sunday’.

In the course of the movie, we discover that Ilya misinterprets the storylines of the Greek tragedies, or rather mentally rewrites them to all have happy endings.  In the case of ‘Medea’, at the conclusion, “Everybody goes to the beach!”.

Speaking of port cities, in another lifetime, I ran across a photograph of a harbor scene (circa 1880?) with all the massive dockside hardware, industrial cranes and so forth, as the focus.  However, an isolated spot in the picture caught my attention: a tiny figure in a suit and bowler surveying the horizon.

I macro-photograhed him and screen-printed him (without his permission…) for a card that year: the New Year before us!  Well, that was the idea, anyway.

Now I’m just going to think of him as searching in the distance for the umbrellas and surfboards.