Happy Christmas to all [well, not all ] out there in Blogland!

This year we received a bumper crop of [undeserved] Christmas cards.

A good many were the over-the-top [but appreciated] grand-paper-stock-fabulous-finishes-embossed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives sort.

Also, the photo kind [all very nice] exclusively from gracieuses jeunes filles who had previously worked at Stephen’s store, now married with children.

Then came the foxes.

I have included here three [count ‘em] with fox themes.  I have no idea about the origin of this.  I tried to make a Le Petit Prince connection [which explains all this Français in today’s post] but that’s not about Christmas.

So, if you have an idée, let me know.

On the subject of the French language, my facility with it extends [though the word ‘extends’ overstates it right out of the gate] only to what I call ‘Language Lab Leftovers’, those bits which for some reason stuck for no apparent reason long after high school.

‘Allons à la pêche tout de suite’ is at the top of my L.L.L. list.

Translation: ‘Let’s go fishing right away’; sure to be a lifesaver lost in Paris.

fox_in_the_snow001 fox_in_the_snow002 fox_in_the_snow003