A very long time ago, a reader of Domani Dave said some of my posts were ‘haiku-like’.

Can you imagine it?  I cannot say how much that remark meant to me, though there has since (and certainly at that time) been ample reason to wonder where that impression came from.

The posts have with the passage of time become more ‘tweet-like’ in length, stemming from my belief that in the immortal words of George: ‘A man can put up with only so much’.

Here’s more brevity.  Or, more accurately, less… non-brevity.

I started thinking about terms and expressions I don’t care for.  After my previous post, hard to imagine where that rumination got started?

Apologies to the Brits, but one I don’t for a lot is ‘gobsmacked’.  My friend Roger uses it incessantly.  I learned the ‘gob’ part from my first viewing of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, when poor Little Alex is told to ‘Shut your filthy, bleeding gob!’  Maybe that’s the problem.

I also don’t like the word ‘corpse’, which sounds crunchy and gooey at the same time.  What are some words you don’t care for?

You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.