I know I’ve trotted out this milestone before, but since I’ve ditched all the posts before late last year, please allow me to re-trot it.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the boys’ first date, April Fools’ Day 1977.

Stephen and I were both Graphic Design majors in college, and attended classes together, but never spoke, since as we later confessed, he thought I was too starched, and I thought he was too à la mode.

Well, the starched part is just ridiculous (Tut-tut! Did I ask for your opinion?) but the à la mode part, SO true.  Years later, opposites attracted.

BTW, pinpointing the origin of our couplehood, Stephen argues that August ’77, when we moved in together, is more accurate.  Successfully enduring this kind of petty parsing all these years?  I thank my gentle and centered nature.