Today is our Anniversary, two years of legal wedded bliss.

Though I consider our couple-hood to date from April 1, 1977, Stephen argues that it would be one day in September of that year, when we moved in together.  April first was our first official date, so what if I am being a little premature.

I’ve confessed that over forty years I’ve had a number of brief episodes of ‘What am I doing with this person?’.  Stephen says he’s had not a single one.  All this proves is that I have no problem with living with a big fat liar.

I think I’ve not been able to depart his company (yet…) because he smells so good; apparently there is some basis in scientific fact for this notion.

Here we are when we were still young and beautiful.  As I said the first time I posted one of these photos, we remain leagues away from hideous.

You are all perfect dearies for allowing me to crow about our longevity.  Again.