I sent the email message below to two friends this morning, and got back one reply: ‘An astonishing, even if microscopic, find … would make a dandy tattoo’.

Curiously enough, I have been mulling over a post on tattoos for a long while.  Warning: I will not be kind to them.  Having found the apparently perfect (!) candidate will not change my mind.  Keep watching the skies.

.      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .

‘This notebook emerged from somewhere the other day, I asked Stephen about it, and he said I’d thrown it out a long time ago and he’d retrieved it.  Always a dangerous action for a mate, IMO.  Turns out it was for History 112 at UGA, Spring Quarter 1971, which I guess was my first quarter back in school after the Air Force.  In the process of revisiting my stellarly pathetic note taking style prior to re-throwing it out, I found this microscopic drawing in the margin of a page.  WTF…’

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