Dozens of additional malevolent (political) stars crossed in the heavens this past week, whereupon I decided to bid adieu to any illusion that I might have kept of cosmic order, and devote myself to completely giving up.

Following this, two ideas for posts visited my mind; here is the fruit of one of them.  It has to do, I suppose, with the direction the country seems headed.

We have a large (7´h, 8½´w) Biedermeier(-esque?) wardrobe (pictured).  It is impossible to light and photograph properly, as it is situated in half the width of a short hallway, which perfectly suits (pure serendipity) the furniture’s width and depth.  (Click the image to enlarge.)

We received this wardrobe as a housewarming present from a former partner (business) of Stephen’s, this particular ‘former’ not a product of his recent retirement.

It breaks down very cleverly for transport, but we had no idea what a world traveler it had been, until Stephen’s detective work uncovered its original owner.

We are honored to own the wardrobe.  That said, with zero malice aforethought, we fell into affectionately calling it ‘Anne Frank’.  (“That jacket’s in the Anne Frank”.)  This public confession validates my long held conviction that from a public relations standpoint, I am my own worst enemy.