Professionally, over the years Stephen received endless catalogs featuring the square-cut-or-pear-shaped, many of them more than a bit let-them-eat-cake.

Not long ago, he made an inquiry online to a ‘entity’ called Luke Irwin about a carpet he’d seen, and received without warning this rather impressive ‘volume’.

The ‘parcel’ came via the ‘post’, all ‘Brown paper packages tied up with strings’, and included a nice note.  (And at this point, it must be revealed that ‘Jack’ is Stephen’s first name, ‘Stephen’ his second.  I call him Jack, but you mayn’t.)

What’s this all about?  These days, apparently I’m so starved for manners, I’m fixing on a pleasant exchange over a catalog.

My guess is that you’ll probably agree that there seems to be some sort of inverse proportionality afoot on Domani Dave these days, the less interesting a subject, the more I’ll write about it.  It’s pretty much the same in conversation in person, but I don’t think I’m dangerous.