We watched a Portuguese film from about a year ago called ‘The Ornithologist’ last evening.  The first sentence in the New York Times review of the picture says, ‘You do not have to be a Portuguese Catholic to appreciate The Ornithologist, but I imagine that it really helps.’  The synopsis therein is also a spoilerish leg up.

The title role in The Ornithologist is played by an actor named Paul Hamy.  If you  should ever find yourself researching the subject ‘Dave’s Cup-of-tea’, a viewing of The Ornithologist will be of sizable scholarly benefit.  (Photo clickable.)

While the use the word ‘opaque’ appears in the remarks of a couple of online reviews, I found that I eventually grasped what was going on.  The only part I didn’t quite understand was toward the middle of the film.

It involves two naked men rolling around on the sandy bank of a river.  Here is a snippet of that portion of the movie.  I’ve isolated it, as I know how distracting rump can be, even in the midst of absorbing prose.

I sense a heightened popularity of this post over the recent several.