Here is a gift in the form of advice, or a warning, if you prefer.

Assuming a choice, if you don’t want to do something, you have to say ‘no’.

I inherited a spot on a committee that supports and promotes what is essentially a local municipal ‘attraction’ in the form of a grand mid-nineteenth century house, outfitted with authentic period furnishings and objet.

When a plan was hatched to create a database and website cataloguing the contents of the house, an assumption was made that with my professional background, I would take on the photographing of the items.

This is where the ‘no’ should have come into play.

Two years and hundreds of items later, the project is nearing completion.

I have my favorites of the photos I’ve produced, in most cases because the object simply photographed well; more often than not, they refuse.  Here and there, a pleasure to look at, as in the case of the attached portrait.

A rather attractive gentleman, I believe, and projecting quite a modern ‘air’.

Or, something…  Click to enlarge to decide if you agree.