It occurred to me — I implore you to not imagine otherwise — that the previous post needed all the help it could get, title-wise, scintillating first subject being heating and air-conditioning.

Since later in the post I included the words ‘polyamorous’ and ‘naturists’, I did consider titling the post ‘Swingers and Nudists’.  Not that I haven’t willfully ‘misled’ before, but that level of failure to deliver?  Bad form.

Now, emoji.  Thank goodness for them, but am I right that they make us lazy?  Surely I should be able to signal that I’m kidding without a semi-colon, a hyphen, and an end-parenthesis.  I do resist them, likely to my disadvantage.

Example, the other month I wrote that I was contemplating reverting to calling my husband my ‘roommate’.  I believe my lack of seriousness was unclear.  He, by the way, prefers ‘bunk buddy’;-)

Since I didn’t use ‘Swingers and Nudists’ last post, I thought about using it here.

Probably should have…