So… (as everyone begins a statement these days) here at the Holiday Season, and on the Winter Solstice, I offer a short related-to-neither post.

Over the past while, I have been canvassing the odd friend or acquaintance as to his or her awareness, or lack thereof, of the use of the word ‘truck’ other than with reference to a motor vehicle.

In my lifetime here in Georgia (sustained for all but 73 years), I will have heard from gentlemen of a certain disposition: ‘I don’t have no truck with it’, meaning essentially, ‘I do not abide such’.

Surprisingly, no one yet canvassed has experienced this usage.  Where have they been?  Or, more to the point, I suppose, where have I been?

ANYway, along comes a gift (Gotta Love Stephen Fry) from Mark Alexander.

I have always (obviously) been fascinated with ‘the journey of a word’.  This ‘truck’ is another ‘tote’.  (‘Tote’: as a verb, used only in scripts for ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’, as a noun, a couple of thousand dollars at Louis Vuitton.)

Stephen’s (my Stephen…) and my exchanges are burlesque-heavy.  If he asks my opinion, as often as not, I respond, ‘I don’t have no truck with it’.

I do a mean redneck…