I’m depressed.

Clinging to the subject of January’s dusty post, on my seventieth birthday, Trump was inaugurated.  I know I’ve mentioned that before, but really, what hasn’t been recycled on Domani Dave.  Add Covid, rampant gun violence, and most recently the Russian pygmy invading Ukraine?

What’s not to be depressed about?

When she and her husband Bruce were still living in Miami, our friend Betsy chance-encountered Joel Grey at a shopping mall there; he was early for a book signing.  She said he was very courtly and invited her for coffee while he was waiting.

I wish I could have coffee with Joel Grey.

Here is a video introduced by him, which when Stephen saw me once from across the room iPad-ing with my AirPods in my ears, he said, ‘You’re watching that Anything Goes thing, aren’t you!’ such was the pleasant look on my face.

Will it cheer you up?  ‘Well-made youths disporting themselves’ onstage in Navy uniforms and Sutton Foster?

What’s not to be cheered-up about?