Greetings.  This is the post I was going to loose on the blog shortly after the previous one in June.  Stick around for the fine print, if you will.

Early last year, our friend Johnny, who had been cutting my hair for years, left the profession for a new one.  However, for a select clientele he agreed to continue one day of the week until December.

So… from January until July, I thought, why not.

Fifty years ago, when I supported similar length, it had a certain Jim Morrison quality.  This time, as you can see, it was more Camilla Parker Bowles.

On July first, the experiment ended, here I am fresh from the new salon, appraising the new bob via selfie.  In person, it’s less swoopy.

One customer in the shop per appointment, my new hair artist wearing an N95 the whole time, it’s probably safe to say I did not bring it home from the salon, however, multi-vaccinated Stephen and I tested positive for Covid on July tenth and have only recently recovered.

Staying home just farming hair is starting to look like a good idea again.